The Aloha Steamtrain

The Aloha Steamtrain is a psyche-mod-pop band. As far as anyone knows they are no longer a band.
But that doesn't stop them from playing concerts once and a while. Schedule.

The Aloha Steamtrain has made three albums. They are available at Rub Wrongways Records.
These are them: Girl Planet (1998), Now You Know (2000), and The Aloha Steamtrain (2002)

The Aloha Steamtrain is:
Lord Russ A.K.A. Elvis Encore
Henning Ohlenbusch see also: School for the Dead, The Fawns
Brian Marchese see also: Sitting Next To Brian, School for the Dead, The Fawns, The Figments
Joe Boyle and Ken Maiuri both who play with too many bands to mention

Pictures? Yeah we got pictures. Here are about a thousand pictures from concerts.
If you ever went to see the Steamtrain, chances are good that you're in this gallery. Photo Gallery

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